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    Breaking Barriers, Building a Sustainable Marine Future

Let's Change Project

Project Title:

Let’s Change

Project Duration:

2014 - 2016  

Project Objectives:

The “Let’s Change” project ultimately aimed to empower stakeholders in Aqaba–including youth and women–to create change in environmental issues. This project succeeded in mobilizing youth through establishing a coalition which takes part in development planning at national and sub‐national levels and advocates for progress toward a healthy marine environment. It also bridges the gap between youth and policy makers and creates a voice that would be considered by decision makers.         

The project was performed on a three year basis, where the first phase included a capacity building plan for project stakeholders on advocacy and a rights-based approach, followed by identifying two issues: (1) garbage and (2) the rights of the handicapped and the elderly to access the beach. The second phase involved working closely with decision makers and parliament members to adopt best practices to solve the two issues, with several campaigns performed. The third phase aimed to provide solutions to the decision makers represented by the implementation of the international Blue Flag certification.

Partner Organizations:

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (HBS)

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Organized capacity building programs in advocacy and rights-based approaches for a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Campaigns were implemented in Aqaba aiming to minimize the effects of garbage on the marine environment as well as to promote the rights of handicapped and elderly people to access the beach.
  • Measures for handicapped and elderly people to access the beach was adopted by ASEZA; implementation of infrastructure is in progress.