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Right to Water Phase I

Project Title:

Right to Water Phase I

Project Duration:

2005 - 2006

Project Objectives:

“I don’t want to Get Thirsty” was a project implemented by JREDS, aiming to empower young leaders from Jordan and other Arab countries on the “Right to Water” concept. The project targeted 19 potential young leaders (ages 18–24) from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan. These young leaders sparked a regional movement for the protection of the right to water, acting as advocates for the water issues by adopting the youth to youth approach "multipliers factors".

The project was implemented over two phases. In the first phase a regional training course was developed aimed at equipping young leaders with the necessary skills to act as trainers in the future, and transferring the message on the right to water. This training followed the UN concept of water as a human right. The second phase included the implementation of advocacy campaigns and capacity building programs on water issues.

Partner Organizations:

Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF)

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Increased knowledge among a wide range of stakeholders on the right to water, water preserving techniques, and the average amount of water consumption for daily human needs.
  • Established regional network with representatives from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan, which enhanced raising awareness about water and the environment.