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Our Right to Safer Beaches

Our Right to Safer Beaches

Project Title:

Our Right to Safer Beaches

Project Duration:


Project Objectives:

JREDS advocates for the right of public safety on public beaches in Aqaba City by motivating the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) to issue and activate the Public Beaches Risks Management Plan, and to start taking explicit actions to increase public safety in public beaches in Aqaba.

In 2001, Aqaba became a special economic zone in order to encourage and facilitate investment in Jordan. This transformation focused on investments and economic development and overlooked social and environmental aspects. Eleven kilometers of beach front were closed in favor of touristic investment projects, which limited the accessibility to serviced beaches for those who can’t afford the private beach entry fees. Hundreds of thousands of local and foreign visitors visit Aqaba each year, however, the beaches that are available to the public are less than 4 km and lack public safety measures, the minimum number of needed public facilities, and are not accessible for people with disabilities.

According to statistics from the Civil Defense Directorate, in 2015, 18 accidents occurred at public beaches in Aqaba which resulted in injuries to 16 people and four deaths.

Partner Organizations:

USAID - Jordan Civil Society Program/ FHI360 program

Outstanding Achievements:

  1. Received commitment from ASEZA to implement the Blue Flag program on a public beach in Aqaba
  2.  Prepared tailored public safety regulations guidelines