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Advocacy Journalism

  • 3/28/2018 10:22:00 PM
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Advocacy Journalism

Project Title:

Advocacy Journalism

Project Duration:

2017 - 2019

Sponsor : Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS)

Project Overview: The advocacy journalism concept was initiated in Jordan as a tool to aid informing communities about environmental issues, and compel decision makers to act.

Project Summary:

The project seeks to encourage press coverage of environmental issues. The project is providing capacity building to journalists and students to increase their understanding of the environment, the importance of preserving it, and the basics of investigative journalism.

The project targeted a group of young journalists to train them and selected a number of environmental issues for them to investigate. Additionally, the project targeted students in a number of Jordanian universities that are working to graduate as media professionals.

The project also established a media platform that is a reference for environmental news: www.env-awraq.com.

Project achievements :

1- Created and launched a national platform for environmental issues: www.env-awraq.com.
2- Identified important environmental issues and wrote news articles investigating these issue, gaps that need to be addressed, and associated success stories.
3- Signed a memorandum of understanding with Petra University that will promote the concept of environmental journalism and the environment in general.