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    Breaking Barriers, Building a Sustainable Marine Future

Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development (ISCD)

Project Title

Advanced International Training Program: Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development (ISCD)

Project Duration

2012- 2014

Project Description

This project aimed to contribute to integrated sustainable development of coastal zones (lakes and sea coast) in which the needs and rights of poor people are taken into account. This was achieved through supporting processes of change in key organizations working on the planning and management of coastal zones. The project ultimately ensured:

  • Increased understanding of the importance and benefits of good governance in integrated sustainable coastal planning and management for socioeconomic development, with respect to environmental impact, poverty alleviation and equality, from a livelihood, security and rights perspective.
  • Increased knowledge about the planning process for integrated sustainable coastal development.
  • Increased knowledge about experiences, methods and tools for organizational change in general and within coastal zone management in particular.
  • Extended regional and national networks for working with coastal development.

Partner Organizations

NIRAS through Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and University of Gothenburg

Outstanding Achievements

  • Hosted experts from five Arab countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan), to study the key issues related to Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development at Aqaba. Findings were discussed in front of officials and stakeholders.
  • Hosted training courses in sustainable development for a group of experts from the region for five consecutive years.
  • Fostered a group of distinguished experts capable of creating change in Integrated Sustainable Coastal Development at the regional level.