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Mainstreaming Marine Ecosystem Services into Development Planning

  • 3/20/2018 10:53:00 PM
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Mainstreaming Marine Ecosystem Services into Development Planning

Project Title:

Mainstreaming Marine Ecosystem Services into Development Planning

Project Duration:

2017 - 2019

Project Objectives:

Sound ecosystem management is a key element of sustainable economic growth and livelihood enhancement, as it increases the contribution of the environment and natural resources to a country’s social and economic development. However, limited attention has been given by decision makers to the role of healthy ecosystems in providing sustainable livelihoods and the importance of environmental governance in empowering the poor and marginalized groups such as women.

The project focuses on the need to mainstream ecosystem services into development policies, ensuring a stronger link between policies for livelihood enhancement and those focused on ecosystem management. The project will also promote the use of relevant findings from some key existing initiatives to develop a framework for capacity development for decision- and policymakers to better understand ecosystem services in development planning.

Partner Organizations:

Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services in Jordan (EKF-ESS)/ after a fund from German Government through the GIZ

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Established a national network of experts in the ecosystem services approach at Aqaba 
  • Developed specific guidelines for the assessment and valuation of marine ecosystem services as part of the overall EKF-ESS endeavor
  • Integrated ecosystem services into Integrated Coastal Zone Management planning bylaw which was developed by JREDS in 2017
  • Developed the capacities of Aqaba’s stakeholders in ecosystem services concepts which support awareness and knowledge raising efforts