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Improve Capacity in Demand Side Management and Enforcement schools and hotel training program

Project Title:

Improve Demand Side Management and Enforcement Capacity in Schools and Hotels Training Program

Project Duration:

June 2018 –July 2019

Project Objectives:

Promote the best water management practices using the education and tourism sectors of Jordan by ensuring that school students and hotel staff adopt a number of water efficiency technologies.

Partner Organizations:

This project is funded by USAID - Water Management Initiative (WMI)

Outstanding Achievements

  • Implemented capacity-building programs for more than 4500 students in Aqaba, Amman, and Irbid on topics related to issues with water and water saving techniques.
  • Implemented capacity-building programs for more than 130 employees working in the private sector (hotels) in Amman, the Dead Sea and Aqaba on topics related to water issues and water saving techniques.
  • Updated the eco-schools criteria’s guidelines.
  • Retrofit more than 3000 water saving devices in schools and hotels which contributed to reduce more than 49% of the total annual consumption of water.
  • More than 9000 pre and post questionnaires have been distributed to measure knowledge, attitude and practices of students and hotel employees in relation to water issues, management and consumption.