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Clean Up the World

  • 3/28/2018 12:56:00 PM
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Project Title:

Clean Up the World Campaign

Project Duration:

Every year, began 23 years ago

Project Objectives:

The story of JREDS began with a clean up campaign in 1993, when a group of responsible people headed by HRH Princes Basma bint Ali joined the international Clean Up the World campaign community. Since then, JREDS has been considered the focal national institution to run this campaign in Aqaba, and has succeeded so far in implementing this campaign on an annual basis. The campaign is performed in coordination with a wide range of stakeholders including the government, the public and the private sector. Also, NGOs, CBOs, schools, youth as well as thousands of volunteers and marine devotees are actively engaged.

The international Clean Up the World campaign is held under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and attracts more than 35 million volunteers from over than 130 countries each year, sharing the same vision of a cleaner and healthier environment.

The goal of the JREDS annual campaign is to create a culture of enhanced awareness among Jordanians to fight against the harmful effects of litter on the marine environment, human health, and the economy. The campaign aims to:

  • Enhance the awareness of the harmful effects of plastic waste on environmental, social and economic systems among Jordanian society and decision makers.
  • Protect sensitive and fragile habitats as well as various extraordinary creatures living in the Gulf of Aqaba. 
  • Provide a clean and healthy environment in the Gulf of Aqaba, the only sea outlet in Jordan.
  • Promote the understanding of "Healthy environment means Healthy Life" and emphasize the social responsibility of all individuals toward the environment and the necessity to conserve it.
  • Direct the attention of decision makers, governments and industries towards the importance of the environment, and their responsibility for protecting it.

The campaign’s activities are countless and include educational programs, garbage collection, awareness raising activities, creative competitions for recycling, and waste-minimization projects.

Partner Organizations:

  1. Arab Potash Company
  2. Ayla Oasis Development Company
  3. Aqaba Container Terminal Company
  4. Moevenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba
  5. Saraya Aqaba Project
  6. PepsiCo International
  7. Aqaba Development Corporation
  9. Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority )ASEZA)
  10. Ministry of Education
  11. Voice of Aqaba Radio
  12. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Aqaba
  13. Royal Yacht Club/Jordan
  14. AQABA Logistics Village (ALV)
  15. Housing Bank for Trade & Finance
  17. Aqaba Gulf Hotel
  18. JETT (The Jordan Express Tourist Transportation Company)
  19. Specialized Foundation for Tax & Financial Consultations
  20. Bank of HSBC
  21. Nestle Company
  22. Al-Marwah Company for Mineral Water
  23. Jordan-Qatar Company for ports ( Sun & Fun)
  24. Sariyah Express – Jordan Bus Company
  25. West Amman - Rotary Club
  26. Standard Chartered Bank
  27. Ben Hayyan Aqaba International Laboratories
  28. My Hotel
  29. Aqaba Port Corporation 
  30. Ministry of Environment
  31. Lafarge –Jordanian Cement Company
  32. Sama for Food Industries
  33. Australian Embassy
  34. Roya TV
  35. Jordanian TV