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Desert Eco-Camps

Project Title:

Eco-label for Desert Camps in Jordan

Project Duration:

2012 - 2014

Project Objectives:

For the first time in Jordan and on a global level, the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) launched an eco-label certification program for the desert camps in Wadi Rum and Wadi Musa. The project aimed to create a framework that would enable camp owners to offer improved environmental facilities to visitors.

The project worked toward enabling camp owners to adopt resource friendly behavior and practices, which would eventually contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of the fragile ecosystems and habitats. This was achieved through the creation of detailed eco-label criteria that define standards for acceptable conditions at the camps area, practices and procedures which should be followed at the camps and the level of staff knowledge and awareness toward the environment. The project has contributed positively in enhancing marketability of provided services, thus improving livelihoods for the local community.

Partner Organizations:

USAID/ Public Action Project (PAP)

Outstanding Achievements

  • Developed the first national criteria for eco-camp sites in Jordan, which were also adopted globally by the Foundation for Environmental Education.
  • Improved knowledge, awareness and capacities of local communities toward the environment in remote areas of Jordan, which led to increased income generation.
  • Ten camps in Wadi Rum and one camp in the Wadi Musa area obtained the eco-label certification.
  • Published criteria and an explanatory note for Green Key/Eco-friendly desert camps.