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Cultural Routes for Sustainable Soci-Eco Development in Med. (CROSSDEV)

  • 10/9/2019 2:11:00 PM
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Project Title:

Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and Economic Development in the Mediterranean (CROSSDEV)

Project Duration:

2019 - 2022

Project Objectives:

the main objectives of the project are contributing to the economic and social development in the Mediterranean; strengthening and enhancing sustainable tourism practices; emphasizing common heritages and resources; and increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of tourism for lesser-known destinations. The project is implemented through seven partners located in Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan.

The creation of a common cross-border tourism framework among the partner organizations will increase the attractiveness of emerging destinations and the exploitation of untapped tourist resources, with more job/development opportunities for less-known tourist destinations and depressed rural areas. The project will also generate innovative sustainable products, increase cooperation among public and private stakeholders, create business opportunities and promote Mediterranean cultural routes and historical connections. Moreover, the project will contribute to the skills of public authorities and businesses in support of sustainable tourism and social inclusion in local communities.

Partner Organizations:

the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme

Expected Outputs:

  • 5 local action plans for the promotion of less known touristic destinations.
  • 3 cross-border agreements for the development of common strategies to increase tourism during low season
  • 8 cultural and historical sites enhanced 
  • 30 enterprises/economic operators participating in cross-border business events
  • 5 new Sustainable Touristic Products pursuing innovation and diversification of the touristic offer
  • 15 private actors substantially and actively involved in new touristic initiatives, also via the “ad hoc” Digital Territorial ICT platform Art Planner developed to promote sustainable tourism initiatives
  • 2 cross-border business events to promote new Sustainable Tourism Products and enterprises networking