Blue Flag program:  

A world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe, the Blue Flag program is operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education . In order to qualify for this prestigious award, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety-related and access-related criteria must be met and maintained. Through close collaboration with our members on any and all issues they may have, the Foundation for Environmental Education works tirelessly to ensure the program's expansion, and that the unrivalled standards of the Blue Flag are maintained internationally.

In Jordan the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan is the national operator since 2009.

The Blue Flag Program promotes sustainable development in freshwater and marine areas. It challenges local authorities and beach operators to achieve high standards in the four categories of: water quality, environmental management, environmental education and safety.

  • Blue Flag Program History in Jordan​

History of Beaches / Marina

The Blue Flag  was initiated in Jordan in 2009,  working with ASEZA  JREDS worked with and the  three private beaches in Aqaba  which are included in Hotels.  The extensive work with the hotels resulted in the raising of the  First Blue flags in as accreditation to  Jordan the Mövenpick Resort & Residences of Aqaba & InterContinental AQA resort in  May 2009.

Currently  Jordan has 5 beaches registered & awarded with the Blue Flag  international award. Moreover.

In 2018, JREDS has expanded the Blue flag program to include Ayla Aqaba , as the  the first marina in Jordan and the Red Sea.

  • Why is Blue Flag

    • The Blue Flag criteria are formulated to allow sites of differing size, resource, and global location to be eligible to participate in the program

    •  Through Blue Flag, sites in developing countries are encouraged to play an active part in the global economy.

    • One of the Blue Flag’s goals is to achieve equality in terms of ensuring equal services to all. In other words, reducing inequalities through providing the same standard of infrastructures and services for disabled people worldwide.

    • The Blue Flag program promotes sustainable development in freshwater and marine areas. It challenges local authorities and site operators to achieve high standards of water quality, environmental management, environmental education and information, safety and services. Several Blue Flag initiatives concern the monitoring of bathing water quality and safe swimming.

    • The program aims at increasing water-use efficiency through capturing and using rainwater. Through several criteria, Blue Flag promotes water savings and clean water, minimizing the environmental footprint and promoting good cleaning and recycling practices in beaches, boats and marinas.

  • Blue Flag application, audit and award procedures

  1. Blue flag application Procedure , The responsible local authority files the application form (with enclosed documentation) and sends it to the National Operator. The National Jury evaluates applications for compliance with the Blue Flag criteria and gives an approval or rejection on the national level. In special cases the National Jury can recommend a dispensation. 

    Approved applications and dispensation cases are forwarded from the National Jury to the International Jury. The International Jury carries out an evaluation and decides which beaches and marinas to award the Blue Flag for the season.

  2. Who can apply, For beaches, the municipality can apply for the Blue Flag. For marinas, the marina owner can apply. For sustainable boating tour operators, it is the company who applies for its boats

  3. Award for one season, All Blue Flags are awarded for one season only. By renewing awards each season, the program ensures that beaches/marinas are constantly living up to the criteria.  

  4. During the season : The National operator  audits of all its sites at least once per season and monitors on the  bathing water quality.. Furthermore, Blue Flag International sends international auditors to conduct announced or unannounced audits at the Blue Flag sites.

Visitors and guests at Blue Flag beaches, marinas or boats are also good observers of compliance with the Blue Flag criteria at the sites, and national operator always welcome and investigate constructive complaints.
In all cases of non-compliance with imperative criteria, the Blue Flag will be immediately withdrawn for the whole season.

  • Current Blue Flag sites in Jordan

Based on the final  results from the Blue Flag International  Jury for the year 2023, the following sites are  awarded in Jordan:

  1. Mövenpick resort & Residences Aqaba
  2. Mövenpick resort & spa tala bay
  3. Intercontinental Aqaba resort
  4. B12 beach club
  5. Hyatt regency Aqaba Ayla resort
  6. Marina Ayla – which lies  In the Aqaba Ayla Resort
  7. Visitors Center - Aqaba Marine Reserve 

  • Costing :

The cost of the Blue Flag certification does not include transportation costs outside  Aqaba and Amman offices, or any additional costs involved..

  • Contact:

For further  information on  the program and costs,

  • e-mail : aqaba@jreds.org 
  • Call the National Operator of the program  Mobile phone: 0775244209
  • Or contacting JREDS Offices in:
    • Amman
    • Aqaba